”Unser Café“ means our café and this is not just a name, it is meant exactly as it sounds. It is your café, my café and the café of our neighbours Jana, Stefan and Hannes. Or that of the kebab man next door. And it's the café of our family and friends, without whom the café wouldn't be what it is.

”Unser Café“ is also a philosophy of love (yes, no spelling mistake!). How cool it is to say: ”Hey, let's go to our café!“. It is a place from friends for friends and for all those who want to become friends in the future. We are sure of one thing: happiness will come to wherever a good heart lives and a loving soul is at home (and you can always find good food in such a place ). Sounds kitschy – but it's true. Every visitor to our café should feel this attitude – not matter whether friends or tourists. In our café there are no rules of conduct, everyone is welcome and accepted as they are – but peaceful.

In the glass kitchen of the Dänenstraße.

In the glass kitchen of the Dänenstraße.

Because we believe that tasty and healthy food has a positive effect on our mood and makes people happy, we only cook with the best ingredients and to our best belief. Over the years we have studied ingredients and compositions so that we can present only the very best to you. Everything we put on our plates, we would also eat ourselves on a Sunday family brunch. You can watch us cooking and baking in our glass bakery.

To make everyone feel home in our café (and to save us a lot of money), every neighbour and friend was allowed to bring something to the opening that he or she wanted to contribute to the interior. The result is a pleasant chaos that reflects all the faces of our friends and family and makes our café what it is: a great place to feel good.

The list of supporters is infinite and we are grateful to each and every one of them. By the way, ”We“ are Jörn and Oli – two Berlin soulmen and daredevils. So come and convince yourself over some Pastel de Natas, our all-day-breakfast or smoothies ...

Because it's just so much prettier together.

We are:


Oli's the boss when it comes to operations. He is also a trained cook. He is the master of numbers and can juggle them without losing control. After completing his cooking apprenticeship, Oli worked as a chef for more than a decade, until he felt the need to do something of his own, which is why he continued to pursue the idea of ”Unser Café“. His secret passion is good coffee, so he is always in close proximity to our coffee machine (with a range of 20m).


Christian is one of our cooks. He is the calming force in the kitchen. After a successful education and several stations he found his way to our café.


Riccardo is our Italian barista who is responsible for the excellent espresso. He enchants the guests with his Italian charm and puts a smile on their faces.


Ziva is a biochemist from Slovenia and mixes the most delicious drinks. She is also researching new chemical compounds, so we'll see if there's also something tasty for us.


Jorge is our Portuguese baker. At night he makes sure that the street smells of fresh bread in the morning. He really loves new creations and so it is no big surprise that the counter is regularly overloaded with sweet specialities.


Bülent is our driver, he makes sure that our catering customers get their fresh rolls and pasteis in the morning.