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Unser Café is a cosy café in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. In addition to our own bakery, which offers fresh Portuguese baked goods, we serve breakfast, delicious smoothies, coffee specialties, delicious cakes and fresh sandwiches all day long.



In our own bakery we produce fresh Portuguese baked goods and delicious rolls every day. We bake with a lot of heart and according to original Portuguese recipes. From the typical Pastel de Natas to fresh croissants or rosemary rolls, every wish will be fulfilled. Even if you want fresh rolls for breakfast at home, you can always take them with you.

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Because we believe that tasty and healthy food influences the mood and makes you happy, we only cook with the best ingredients and to the best of our beliefs. Here you will find our all-day-breakfast, fresh smoothies, coffee specialities and a daily changing lunch menu. Our café stands for fresh and homemade dishes and the beauty of it is: You can witness it for yourself, because you can watch us cooking and baking in our glass kitchen.


“Unser Café” means our café, and that's not just a name, but exactly how it sounds. It's your café, my café and the café of our family, friends and neighbours. Because what we want is for you to feel at home with us. We, Jörn and Oli, are gastronomes with heart and have already worked in different places. With our café we are fulfilling a small dream that we would like to share with you.